Discipline Policy

Positive Behaviour Policy




At Auchnagatt school out aim is to provide a safe, happy environment where children have the opportunity to reach their full potential both academically & socially.

In order to achieve this, a clear code of conduct must be followed by pupils, staff & parents to promote a positive ethos within our school.

Rules are kept to a minimum but exist to:

ensure the safety & well being of pupils

ensure the pupil's right to learn & the teacher's right to exercise their professional responsibilities 

Promote good order

Foster good relations

Develop a caring attitude towards others

protect the fabric & material of the school

-develop a sense f self discipline

Code Of Behaviour

Pupils at Auchnagatt School should:


Accept the authority of all staff including teachers, auxiliaries, kitchen staff, cleaners, or any other adult in charge of them, in the school environment, and carry out all reasonable instructions or directions given.


Be respectful & polite to all members of staff, & feel a similar respect is being returned


Expect & show courtesy, kindness & friendliness to others, being aware that anti social or aggressive behaviour is not acceptable.


Always work to the best of their ability.


Be Punctual & bring the necessary books, equipment, materials & clothing to allow them to take part fully in all aspects of school life



Work together for the good of the school, be credit to it and be proud of it



Care for and respect their own, others & school property so that it is clean and welcoming place we can be proud of.


Continue to follow the code of behaviour whilst attending after school groups & at all times while representing our school